12 Gauge – Indica

12 Gauge smells slightly peppery with mild musty and zesty hints to it that are reminiscent of cooking spices and seasonings. It has a nice mixture of colours that are playful and pleasant to look at. This is an appetizing and appealing looking strain!

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12 Gauge has some slight cigar and diesel-like tangs. The light peppery notes may make you feel like you’re walking by a spice factory, but the taste and mild nature of 12 Gauge makes it comfortable to indulge in.

You will be surprised to feel quite calm and amiable. Overall you won’t be quite as floored as the name may lead you to believe, but you will definitely be much happier and calmer than you expect. You will experienced a pleasant and mellow physical sensation that is faint and not overbearing. You won’t feel lazy or fatigued, but also not overly stimulated. Eyes will be slightly heavy, but you will get a clear sense of focus that makes you want to be creative and productive.

12 Gauge is a good strain for those who want a slight boost in creativity, productivity and mood. Its mellow effects and flavor would be beneficial for those who want to relax without going overboard. Although it may not be the explosion of effects you might expect, 12 Gauge is a respectable strain that provides a blast of comfort and relaxation.

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