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A1 is an indica-dominant strain and kin to the extremely potent powerhouse strains White Fire #6, Alien OG, and Diablo, giving us a strong high that the novice user may not be ready for. Bred by LivWell, this heavy-handed strain is great for medicinal and recreational users alike.

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With a 70/30 blend and a 20% THC average, A1 is not for the faint of heart by any stretch of the imagination. Upon your first hit, those that brave this extremely strong strain will have the pleasure of tasting sweet piney flavors with overtones of lemon and earth. These rock hard, forest green nugs smell of pine and diesel and are covered in bright red hairs and a thick coating of crystal trichomes.

The high is not one to underestimate. Though it is indica-dominant, the initial impact of Alien Inferno is cerebral and introspective. This feeling comes with frantic thoughts and racing conversation, and you’ll suddenly find yourself in the company of friends you didn’t know you had. As your energy levels out, a stony, heavy feeling will replace the speed wobbles you were feeling before. Now you can sink into that sedated high that keeps you grounded for the rest of your night.

It may not seem like this strain would be beneficial to medical users, but we assure you it is. Because of its extremely potent effects, Alien Inferno is recommended for users who suffer from chronic fatigue due to its energetic properties, and conversely minor cases of insomnia if smoked earlier in the day as you’ll come down with a tranquil and relaxing energy. Alien Inferno is also utilized for depression, appetite loss, and chronic stress.

With the outer reaches of space only a few tokes away, Alien Inferno is a trip of a lifetime for the advanced connoisseur looking to escape the realm of reality for a little while. Enjoy this alone or with friends, but be sure to have a few of your favourite snacks handy with a side dish of pillow and a good movie ready to go for the comedown.

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