Alien – Balanced Hybrid

Just like the extraterrestrial creatures that many believe in, Alien Genetics is a bit of a mysterious breeder on planet Earth. However, they have developed quite a memorable strain in Alien, an evenly balanced hybrid that resulted from crossing Tahoe Alien and LSD. Ideal for more experienced users, this bud may bring along some visions that will make you think you’ve made contact with another life form.

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On the moderate to high scale when it comes to potency, Alien tops out at 24% THC. Nugs are bright green and lumpy yet are spruced up by a purple undertone and tons of orange pistils. Amber toned trichomes top off the look of these tasty nugs, which bring notes of sweet and tangy citrus with just a bit of earth to round things out. Although it might taste like a freshly squeezed glass of juice, this bud won’t be your friend in the morning.

Imagine taking a trip to outer space to meet other life forms – would that likely take place at the crack of dawn or as the day is winding down into the evening? Use that same logic with this strain, as her mellow and relaxed nature won’t do you any favors during the day time. Initially, users are brought to a place of extreme euphoria and bliss with creativity reaching all-time highs. However, eventually you’ll sink into a super stoney state that lends itself to psychoactive experiences. A delicate mixture between a soaring mind and heavy body will keep you grounded, although you’re sure in for one wild ride.

From a medical perspective, Alien is ideal for treating a wide range of issues including stress and depression, as no negative thought will even have room to fester for a moment. As this strain can tend to have some heavy physical effects as well, those who suffer from pain and muscle issues find it to be a late night godsend. If your tolerance is low or you simply want to get baked like there’s no tomorrow, indulging in one too many tokes might also lead to a good night of sleep, particularly if you suffer from insomnia.

When you’re ready to take a voyage to the ends of the universe, bring Alien along with you. Quite simply, her name says it all, and with great flavours and intense effects, she’s become a fan favourite rather quickly.

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