Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies springs from the floral loins of two powerhouse parents – Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. This hybrid is very Indica-dominant (75/25) and loved by both users and growers for its taste and its frosty appearance. Knowing that it comes from High Times Medical Cannabis Cup winners should make anyone happy. The taste of cherry cookies just puts it over the top.

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Despite knowing the lineage, the original breeder, BC Bud Depot, didn’t thoroughly document the phenotypes. This means that new Animal Cookies can’t be grown – they can only be bought and cloned from the seeds and cuttings of plants that already exist. For this reason, as well as its growing conditions, Animal Cookies is a tough strain to cultivate. When you do though, you’re rewarded with a dense bud cluster, full of popcorn-shaped nuggets of yellow-green-purple goodness. It’s the opaque amber trichomes that give it that yellow tint.

GROWING TIPS: If you’re up to the challenge of growing Animal Cookies, you’ll want to grow it indoors. The plants grow broad fan leaves at their top, which blocks light circulation to the lower branches and flowers in the later growing stages. So you’ll want to trim them frequently. Additionally, growing it inside will allow you to maintain ventilation and airflow, which is key to keep the weather dry enough to grow Animal Cookies properly.

One last thing: this is a stinky plant. Even when it’s vegetating, Animal Cookies stinks up a storm, so we can’t recommend this for growers that hope to keep their gardens a secret!

The Animal Cookies aroma is a delectable blend of sour and sweet, earthy and dank. The pungent earth wakes you up and the nutty vanilla tones set you back down again; on the exhale, prepare for a little spiciness. The high that comes with Animal Cookies (well-cultivated, it can have up to 27% THC) hits hard in your head, clouding everything and taking your motivation down a peg. For those that want to stop focusing on work and start feeling happy, Animal Cookies is the right diet choice.

Users with pain, insomnia, stress and depression can benefit from a strain this strong. The pungent herb smells recall its stinky dark leaves – they tempt you with sweet nutty goodness to let your stressed-out mind relax. You may even feel yourself falling asleep. Those who suffer from a low appetite can use Animal Cookies medicinally. Everyone else can use it as a perfect evening snack.

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