Biscuit – Sativa

If you like cannabis that smells like it’s been soaked in gasoline and could combust if close to an open flame, you need to check out Biscuit. Due to its over the top, pungently gassy odor, this strain quickly became a staple in Colorado’s recreational cannabis scene soon after it was released by Dank by Pank around 2016. Since then it’s spread like an oil fire to dispensaries all over the state. Some mystery remains as to what the actual parents are, and it seems that multiple versions are floating around. Though, many say it is a cross between Gelato and Girl Scout Cookies. What is it that makes Biscuit so great?

The Biscuit nugs are MASSIVE!

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Though a few versions of this strain exist, they all seem to share a similar bag appeal. Dazzling and shimmering in the light, these dim green nugs sparkle from a thick cover of trichomes. Dank By Pank calls this the “sprankles.” Upon further inspection of the flowers, you notice very few, and very small hairs, almost like a hairless variety of cannabis. Was this due to them being singed off by its burning fuel aroma? Probably so — Biscuit smells like it’s going to explode at any second.

This strain is renowned for its fast acting and potent sativa buzz. The gassy terpene profile lays down thick on your palate resulting in a quick onset of effects. The high has been described as felt but functional — it’s undeniably strong but won’t wreck your day. It’s a great strain for a little extra motivation to get out and about on your day off. Careful though, this enticing flavor profile makes it easy to over indulge on this gassy goodness. Pace yourself so the Biscuit don’t burn you out.

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