Blackberry Cheesecake – Balanced Hybrid

Indoor Organic Gardens, as you might have guessed, bred Blackberry Cheesecake using pure growing methods and careful precision. The strain is a cool combo of Wedding Cake and Sunset Sherbet, with vibrant hues and a taste like a sweet n’ fruity fireworks display in your mouth. If you crave dessert-like flavours in a bud that will spark creative energy, you’ve come to the right dessert-imitating cannabis. We don’t have much information yet on the strain’s specific genetic info (the breeder has been pretty tight-lipped with details), but we do know what it’s like to take a bite out of this berry-packed bud, which is frequently turned into brownie squares due to its amazing flavours.

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The Blackberry Cheesecake nugs are deeply purple, dark, and covered in sporadic bright orange pistils. Imagine shrinking the profile of a mountainside down to pint-sized proportions and setting it on fire – that’s basically what you’ll have rolling around in your hand with Blackberry Cheesecake. Tiny white crystal trichomes will give it a sparkling glow in the right light.

The strain’s flavour gives off sugary sweetness like a thick berry frosting, almost like fruit candy. Underneath the sweet exterior, the strain hides flavours of sweet cream, a musky vanilla-like scent, and a light impression of caramel. On the inhale, the strain has an aroma like graham cracker, lime, and fruity cream cheese; on the exhale, it gives off a zingy-sweet, almost tart flavour like a whiff of candy. The heavy, creamy, and fruity palette is a natural favourite for users who want the buzz without the funk. Blackberry Cheesecake is becoming so popular in part because it’s so accessible. This is a flavour that just invites you in.

As for the high, Blackberry Cheesecake offers an exciting, energetic sensation as you take the strain in, followed by a lingering feeling of sedation at the end. As the strain’s deep purple fades away in a puff of sweet smoke, you’ll feel happy and heavy at basically any time of the day, though the strain may be too intense for early in the morning. We recommend pairing this dessert with an activity that requires a little energy but not too much focus, like a nice walk or a good movie.

As a result of these effects, Blackberry Cheesecake is a great strain for lifting your mood during the day, combating depression and fatigue, or forgetting about a migraine probably induced from all that work you’ve been doing. At the end of this high, you may start to feel heavy and ready for a nap, so the strain could be used to encourage sleep. But due to the happy energy of these fruity flavours, we recommend it for afternoons, with a little sunshine and snacks to go with it.

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