Blue Nerds – AAAA Balanced Hybrid

Blue Nerds strain, also called “Blue Nerdz” has balanced properties of Indica and Sativa, made by a cross of Grape Ape and Blue Moonshine strains. Blue Nerds offers mild to moderate effects with a nice uplifting feeling, it is definitely recommended for those who smoke marijuana occasionally.

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Blue Nerds strain offers a smooth high even for new smokers, it offers calming, euphoric, creativity, and a deep feeling of relaxation. Its high begins with a sweet light buzz of head high that makes consumers more alert and motivated. This high remains for not more than 5 minutes, consumers also feel very creative at this time.

Secondly, the high tends to be replaced by a deep body high due to Indica component. The high gets strong with time and makes consumers couch lock. As 15 – 20 min passes by, you will dry your throat and have an increase in appetite. So, before smoking a joint of Blue nerds strain, keep water and something to eat with you.

Blue Nerds marijuana strain makes its consumer highly scalable with laser-focused on things going around them. You will have no social anxiety, and carry on conversations with anyone around you.

During the buzz of Blue nerds weed, consumers tend to find it effective for depression, anxiety, stress, and mood swings.

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