Boss Man

When you visit the boss, you’ll be buzzed and relaxed, with your senses sedated but your mind at ease and awake. The combination of Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1 creates a powerfully spicy strain that tastes of the outdoors with a hint of citrus brightness. The spicy lemon flavour may get you in the door, but it’s Boss Man’s unique medicinal applications that will probably make you stay a while, put up your feet, and enjoy the rush.

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Boss Man by Rare Dankness Seeds grows with an Indica dominance of 70/30 and produces dense, huge, sticky buds. They grow in dark green shades with depth and color throughout, ranging from deep blues to bright oranges.

Uniquely, the taste of Boss Man is somewhat disconnected from its smell. The strain’s aroma is mellow and hashy, caked in earthy scents. By contrast, the taste is an offer you can’t refuse, backed by lemon and spicy pine, delivered by the boss to your vulnerable brain. The relief offered by even one drag of Boss Man is infamous. Even those who think they’re used to a strain in the THC range of 22-25% say that Boss Man is a hit like no other.

Its ability to calm minds is strong but not enough to make you feel sedated. Instead, you’ll be relaxed, buzzed, and potentially stuck to your couch for a while. For people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression, Boss Man can offer some welcome relief. However, the strain is known for its ability to treat more complex medical conditions as well.

Those who suffer from chronic muscle spasms, anorexia, stomach issues, and ADHD may not feel as though they can get relief, especially after a long week. However, Boss Man can provide solace for these individuals, which, while it may not be a cure for a serious ailment, can at least help those in pain get some much-needed sleep.

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