Brunts – AAAA Indica

Brunts is a new strain coming from the collaboration between The Plug and Grounded Genetics using some elite cannabis varieties to create top shelf strains. Brunts combines two of these modern cannabis phenomenons; Biscotti and Runtz, making an incredible ~75% indica strain.

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Biscotti has become a much coveted strain since bursting onto the scene courtesy of Cookies Fam due to her Gelato and South Florida OG heritage and incredible taste and strength. The Plug and Grounded realized there was only one thing to be done; combine the Biscotti with another Cali weed legend – Runtz.

The elite parentage of Biscotti makes her a powerful indica with kush and cookie goodness flowing through her as well as providing that gassy hit that so many of us are searching for. When crossed with the incredible Runtz you get more gas plus that sweet candy hint that makes her such a modern classic. The bag appeal and top shelf credentials of Brunts continues with most plants showing lovely dark purple colours and an almost black shade across her fan leaves.

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