C7 – Balanced Hybrid

C7 is a hybrid that leans slightly indica but has overall balanced effects. It is a cross between Afghani-descended indica Shiskaberry and the sweetly-scented Cotton Candy Kush. It is the creation of the Vancouver-based Chimera Seeds, breeders who frequently experiment with Skunk and Blueberry varieties. In addition to having an appealingly earthy scent, flowers of C7 carry a THC content of between 21% and 23%.

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C7’s flowers are impressively large and adhere in almost spherical chunks. This variety has a somewhat hybridized bud structure — although the curly leaves are densely packed at their bases, they have a fluffy exterior texture and can be freely plucked from the central stem. The leaves are a vibrant spring green, with yellow to faint orange pistils that more or less blend in. The big buds are coated in syrupy trichomes, making this an especially difficult strain to break up by hand, fluffy leaves notwithstanding. After they’re cured, buds of C7 have a mellow scent that is similar to moss and cedar. Sharp notes of lemon zest accentuate the predominantly woodsy odor. Breaking up or grinding the buds can give off a hashy, incense-like aroma, evidence of Afghani’s influence in this strain’s genetics. When burnt, C7 has a smooth, rich smoke that tastes of citrus and pine on the exhale.

This strain offers a ”creeper” of a high that may not make itself known until several minutes after it’s consumed. Smokers of C7 may eventually detect a pleasant slowdown in breathing and a loosening of any tensed-up joints or muscles. This relaxation comes with an emotional uptick that can range anywhere from contentment to soaring euphoria. While C7 may not induce intensely cerebral thinking, it can have create mental stimulation to make listening to music or watching movies a somewhat psychedelic experience. Because it works on both the mind and body, C7 can be a great accompaniment for activities that involve both, like creating art, exercising, and sex. Users should keep in mind that with increased consumption, indica effects take over and can bring about brain fog and couchlock.

Its well-balanced effects make C7 a versatile strain for medical purposes. Not only can C7 take the edge off of a stressful day, it can also blunt the troubling symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Its strong sedative effects can treat aches and pains and it has the capacity to ease stomach pain. In high enough doses, C7 can relieve stubborn cases of insomnia.

C7’s versatility makes it suited for use at any time of day. It can provide the inspiration needed to help finish the tasks you’ve been putting off. Alternatively, it can be just the thing to help you zone out after a long workday. Its high resin production means that C7 is a great strain for producing THC concentrates like wax or bubble hash.

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