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Cake Batter contains Girl Scout Cookies – that alone should get your tastebuds excited. GSC has been taking in Cannabis Cups for years (so have its phenotypes, like Thin Mints and Platinum). Cake Batter takes GSC and mixes it with Cherry Pie to create all-new sensations of its own, even as a phenotype of Wedding Cake. Cake Batter seeds are aggressively difficult to find, but if you stumble on some clones at a local nursery, here’s what you can expect.

The Cake Batter strain has a flavor as delectable as you may imagine, with terpenes that are rich in Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Linalool. The combination creates a mixture of berries, herbs, fuel, and sweet dessert that ranks among the most appealing strain flavors you can find. Cake Batter intelligently mixes strawberry, diesel, a hint of vanilla frosting flavor, herbs, and a dose of sweet skunk on the exhale, with a slightly sour tang. It’s an all-timer.

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The strain works perfectly for people who suffer from chronic inflammation, depression, anxiety, pain, and stress. Myrcene and Linalool really help people relax; Caryophyllene fights your muscle inflammation; Limonene calms social anxiety and depression. Altogether, these terpenes will also make you hungry, allowing Cake Batter to work its magic on those with nausea and a loss of appetite as well.

If you suffer from a negative mood, Cake Batter will help you cure it with a blast of euphoria. You’ll feel lifted, giggly, warm all over, and slightly aroused. Cake Batter is non-sedating so we can recommend it for relaxation and stress relief without fear of knocking you out. The sour citrus and berry flavors mix with nutty vanilla, slightly sour herbs, and spicy fuel to create a to-die-for flavor combination. The potent relaxation is just the best possible bonus.

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Half Ounce – 14g