Carmen Sandiego – Balanced Hybrid – $60/oz Sale!


Do you have a Hulk-sized pain that needs to be relieved? The Bruce Banner x Carmen Fem strain will do all of that and more, though you’ll probably need the help of Carmen Sandiego to track out this elusive weed in a dispensary! You’re better off creating your own Queen of Crime at home because she only exists in your imagination.

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This strain is half-bred from the mind-altering Bruce Banner strain, which has a record-breaking thirty percent THC content. Its genes are primarily Carmen. It has long been a favorite among medicinal marijuana patients due to its high CBD concentration.

Despite the greater THC level of 25%, Bruce Banner x Carmen does not deliver the mind-blowing sensation that cannabis enthusiasts expect from Bruce Banner. CBD tends to preserve such effects at a lower intensity. Instead, the high from this all-female cannabis strain is obvious and rather motivating.

It’s a great strain for daytime therapy because it allows for focused productivity without being too high.

Delectable tastes of tangerine and delicious citrus fruits envelop the palate from the first puff on a joint of this strain.

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