Coco Punch

Coco Punch is a bold strain.The strain’s balanced Indica/Sativa structure and delicious flavour are backed up by blissful effects that smash your brain and get rid of that pesky focus that’s been forcing you to do things lately. As soon you breathe out with Coco Punch in your mouth, you’ll feel that happy lift.

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The strain really drives home the punch. Some users report that it tastes a bit like Kool-Aid. The flavor is incredibly cool and should work for users of any experience level.

We recommend using Coco Punch during the daytime only as it gives you a burst of energy and mental clarity – you’ll feel both alert and calm, interested in stuff, yet prepared to do nothing. As you relax into this strain, you’ll find yourself prepared for a spa day. We recommend pairing Coco Punch with a massage, yoga, a great book, an afternoon nap, or nothing at all (doing nothing is okay too, especially after a crap week).

From undertones of soft berry to overtones of pungent, effective skunkiness, the strain will hit you like a weird earthen tart and help you figure some stuff out. Users who suffer from anxiety or stress can take a drink of Coco Punch for relief. If you find that sleep is difficult, this strain can give you a great up-down of mental clarity and physical relaxation to encourage your brain to mellow out. As a bonus, those who suffer from glaucoma-related eye pressure may also be able to find relief with Coco Punch.

If unfocused bliss is the need, Coco Punch is the prescription. The strain is a rush, it’s heady, it’s huge, but it’s also sweet and friendly. Knowing it sits around 24% THC, you’ll have to decide for yourself if you’re ready. But if you can handle it, it can definitely handle you.

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