Coffee Bean – Heavy Indica

Coffee Bean is an Indica-dominant strain (70/30) from an unknown breeder, made from parents whose delicious flavours carry over to their kid. These parent strains, White Hash Plant and Pre-98 Bubba Kush, are cerebral heavy hitters and so is the combination. You may be taken off-guard by the heady-heavy high of this dessert-flavored strain, though novice users may be happy to learn that Coffee Bean’s THC content gets up to 20%. Tingly, giggly, relaxing, and delicious, the strain pairs a deep flavor with a calming good time. Just be aware that panic attacks are a reported side effect along with dry mouth and eyes. Make sure you give yourself time to react to the strain before overdoing it.

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Coffee Bean’s terpene profile is rich and unique, favouring the rarer terpenes Carene and Eucalyptol, with hints of Bisabolol, which give the strain its diverse and interesting palette. Eucalyptol is responsible for the flavors of coffee and the spicy, herbal finish while Carene imparts a sweeter, nuttier flavor. You’ll be tasting chestnuts, flowers, and coffee, but as the strain’s taste evolves it becomes earthier and develops chem flavors like menthol. A touch of Limonene gives the strain a faint whiff of citrus that can come out as a taste of grapefruit on the exhale.

Coffee Bean has a wide range of effects. It begins as a feeling of tingly, head-heavy euphoria that makes its users feel relaxed and focused. A boost of happy energy uplifts you and makes you giggly as you smoke, which makes the strain great for social gatherings in the afternoon, and pretty much any hang-out that isn’t too late in the day. Users report feeling less stressed, tense, and depressed on the strain, while some tout its benefits to those who suffer from arthritis and hypertension. Note that panic attacks and fatigue are sometimes reported as side effects due to the strain’s strength. However, Coffee Bean dynamic palette and complex effects have a lot to offer, especially to new users that want to see what the “buzz” is about.

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