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Cowbell is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain of cannabis first grown by world-renowned Bodhi Seeds. This cannabis company has earned a reputation in the worldwide cannabis community for its dedication to pure organic cannabis and the genetics behind each of its wonderful creations, striving to produce the most organic and potent cannabis on the market. Cowbell is a cross between a Hash Plant strain and the infamous Girl Scout Cookies. Perfect for the indica-lover in your life, Cowbell is a wonderful afternoon or evening smoke with an average THC concentration of 24%.

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Cowbell buds are shaped like hearts, and sometimes look like cowbells themselves. They are forest green in colour, accented by bright orange pistils and deep purple undertones. The surface of these flowers is often coated in a fine layer of off-white trichomes that give the bud a unique shine under the right lighting.

They produce an incredibly airy aroma of citrus and menthol mixed with a bit of musky earth. The flavour is much lighter, as users have reported tasting sweet citrus mixed with mint and the classic Cookies flavour. The effects of this strain are heavy-handed, and often described by unaware users as a bit much. For those quite fond of Indica-dominant flowers, however, Cowbell is just what you’re looking for in a potent bud.

The high begins with a headrush that settles into an incredibly cerebral experience of uplifting euphoria and happiness. With your mood instantly improved, you’ll struggle to find anything to worry about or be upset by. It will remove any distractions from your mind, leaving you stoned and blissful without the ability to focus on anything in particular. This effect will spread throughout your body as time goes on, leaving your limbs feeling tingly and rubberlike. In this stoned and sedated state, you’ll struggle to find the motivation to get up and move around for anything except for food. This is because the high brings on the munchies like never before, and is likely to have you raiding the fridge for any leftovers you can combine into a wonderful stoner meal. This high lasts for hours on end, providing what feels like endless relief to those with stressful and tiresome days.

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