Coyoty – Sativa

With a name that sounds more like an indie band rather than a cannabis strain, Coyoty hails from Green Source Gardens in Portland, Oregon. Perhaps her hometown has something to do with her hipster moniker, but the history of this bud is actually anyone’s guess. Breeders have kept most data incredibly hush-hush, so from her genetic background to her potency, most are at a bit of a loss.

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As important as it is to understand how strong a strain is before you smoke it, users just won’t often get that luxury when researching Coyoty. While some strains give vague information with descriptions like “medium” THC levels, Green Source Gardens isn’t even sharing that much. Although they’re quite secretive, her nugs are still pretty nonetheless, with tiny trichomes and colors that range from light purple to pink. Flavors and aromas are also kept under lock and key, with many noting that they are complex and intriguing.

Thankfully, the effects of Coyoty have been communicated far and wide, and it’s a strain that many find perfectly complements their daily routine. Often energetic without being crazy and uplifting without turning you into a goofball, this bud has allowed many individuals to experience one of the better days they’ve had in a while. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you stake the fate of your current creative projects on this strain, but time and time again, users have reported that their high allows them to become introspective, inspired, and euphoric – qualities that many find useful when trying to accomplish difficult tasks.

There’s got to be an interesting backstory that pertains to how Coyoty got her name, but for now, all one can do is hope to cross her path someday and get to experience the elusive effects that she holds. If nothing else, take a few tokes on the weekend when you don’t have a lot going on and see where your mind and body take you.

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