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Canada’s own super-sedative Indica-dominant hybrid tailor-made for deepest sleep. Ideal for evening consumption as you’re wrapping up your nighttime routine. It will help finalize your thoughts for the day ahead before you feel the sudden urge to unplug. Try it to unwind after a very stressful day. Best for an advanced smoker, novices are to be cautious with dosage.

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Dark Knight is a heavy indica with an insanely high THC level of between 25% to 27% and is likely to leave you in a walking coma – if you’re able to stay awake, that is.

During the onset, you will be floating on a cloud as the psychoactive effects rush over your body. It begins with a euphoric rush to the head that will help clear the mind and lighten the mood. A burst of energy will leave you feeling motivated and focused.

It’s a heavy body high that starts with a mild, tingling sensation, but soon the limbs will feel a bit numb as the high intensifies. It helps calm the mind and bring about an uplifting feeling. Gradually, the mind turns spacey as users sink into deep introspection.

The cheerful and upbeat feelings may not last long once the indica traits kick in. As the high progresses, you will find yourself drifting away from social situations, turning inward, and diving deep into your thoughts. Before long, you will drift off into dreamland in a welcome, long-lasting slumber. For this reason, Dark Knight is best used in the evening, before bed, or after work.

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