Death Cake – Indica Leaning Hybrid

If you have to choose a way to die, death by cake may not be so bad, right? Perhaps that’s what creators at UD Genetics were thinking when they named this cross between Dolato and OG Kush Breath. While the strain itself tends to be pretty rare, much of the information that’s typically accessible seems to be even harder to find.

Great to use just about any time of the day, Death Cake begins with incredibly euphoric effects that add a dash of energy to your life. You’ll feel uplifted and probably fairly focused too, making this an ideal wake and bake bud. However, users need to be extremely careful with their dose. Too much of this strain tends to result in sedative qualities that would put a damper on your day, so toke with caution!

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When strains promise the gift of euphoria, one can only assume that issues of stress and depression will be tackled. Death Cake does so with ease, freeing your mind of everpresent thoughts that can drain you day in and day out. Bodily pain can be alleviated as well, although it’s a safe assumption that a fairly heavy dose would be required in order to really feel the effects. With that being said, you can use this strain in small doses to help with fatigue or majorly light up to help with insomnia.

While getting high off of this strain isn’t quite like indulging in massive amounts of cake, it might make you feel just as good on an emotional level. Depending on your tolerance and what you have going on during the day, Death Cake offers a choose your own adventure type of high that’s sure to please.

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