Death Cookies – Indica

Indica lovers will not feel disappointed with the Death Cookies strain. It is exceptionally potent and will leave even an experienced cannabis user languishing on the couch with a full body high and optimum feelings of relaxation.

We must warn you, have snacks on hand! Death Cookies will give you a bad case of the munchies and you’ll want to quench your sweet tooth immediately. Use the Death Cookie strain at night after a long, hard day of work. It will provide you with the peace and rest your body needs so you’ll feel rejuvenated in the morning.

Death Cookies is also a good strain if you suffer from chronic pain and have a hard time resting. This strain will ease your physical discomfort while further relaxing your mind so you can eventually drift off to sleep.

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Death Cookies is a strong Indica weed strain great for experienced users and individuals with high tolerance levels. Its THC levels usually average at close to 30%. The full-body high of Death Cookies is generally deeply relaxing and calming, easing away tensions and soothing anxious feels. With this cannabis bud, your appetite might potentially increase, causing some cravings as your body slowly melts deeper into your couch or lounging chair. The euphoric cerebral high delivered by this marijuana bud may offer happy feelings and an overall state of ease. The cookie aroma and taste of this strain are quite delicious coupled with the touch of earthy diesel. Death Bubba is a strain for evening use to chill and slide into a restful and sleepy state.

The Initial High
Crossing Death Star with Girl Scout Cookies created this popular strain. The initial high of Death Cookies usually addresses the mind first with an outpouring of uplifting euphoria. This stage of the high may cause a subtle increase in focus and creativity, but perhaps more so for some low-key activities, such as video games or a movie night.

As happy feelings and a sensation of relaxation and ease settle in, you may feel a warm sense of calmness wash over you that sets aside worries and tensions. At some point during the high, your appetite levels might increase asking for some tasty snacks.

A State Of Relaxed Euphoria
The full-body high of Death Cookies usually starts off with a euphoric relaxation that is soothing and comforting. This cannabis strain usually does a great job at addressing aches and tensions in the body to offer you relief from them.

As the physical high continues to settle in, you may feel a warm heaviness spread out. This may turn into a couch-lock effect. You may still play your video game for a while or finish up that movie you started watching either alone or with your friends. Soon enough though, an inviting sleepiness will gently creep in. You probably won’t need much convincing to be done for the evening and go have a restful sleep throughout the night.

Earthy, Sweet, And Gassy
Death Cookies delivers an interesting aroma and taste experience with the splash of sweet and diesel. The most common flavour highlights of this weed strain are gassy, herbal, earthy, and sweet notes.

Because of its heavy Indica content and high THC levels, Death Cookies is for the experienced user looking to unwind and forget about troubles and worries for the evening.

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