Frosted Cherry – Indica

Just the mere sound of her name makes one’s mouth water, so imagine what it’s like actually smoking the indica-dominant strain named Frosted Cherry Cookies. This plant’s lineage is a bit fuzzy, as some point to Liberty Reach as her creators while others give Relentless Genetics the credit. Either way, she appears to be a cross between Cherry Cookies and The White and offers a great blend of effects for more experienced users.

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Frosted Cherry Cookies can vary quite a bit when it comes to her potency, with some users finding her as low as 15% and others reporting highs of 28%. Flower tends to be incredibly appealing to the eye, as small dark green nugs are accented with pink undertones, matching trichomes, and very dark orange pistils.

Although her name sounds intensely sweet, users will enjoy a much more balanced experience with berries, specifically cherries, mingling with earth, herbs, and spices. For some, the flavors are a bit of a letdown as they expect a super sugary taste, but in reality, this bud’s unique combination allows her to be far more smokeable.

Depending on your tolerance, Frosted Cherry Cookies might be ideal for the early afternoon or possibly should be reserved for the end of the day. Her high often begins with a euphoric rush that’s giddy and light, putting people into a great mood no matter what’s going on around them. Sometimes described as a lightning bolt to the brain, you can expect her effects to kick in pretty fast, yet these cerebral changes eventually shift into physical sensations. Many find that they are deeply relaxed into the course of their high, and for some, this encourages social behavior and creativity while others might feel the need to rest.

By all accounts, it seems as if this strain is fairly easy to find at local dispensaries, so consider adding Frosted Cherry Cookies to your shopping list. If you know your own tolerance well, you could try this bud during the afternoon for a bit of a reprieve or save her for the evening when you know you can fully enjoy her effects without having to worry about anything else.

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