Giesel – Balanced Hybrid

No, it’s not a typo – instead of simply being named Diesel and someone getting it wrong, this mysterious bud is in fact named Giesel. She was brought into this world after a cross between Chemdawg and Mass Super Skunk and sometimes goes by the name Superdawg. Breeders are completely unknown and it’s rumored that this strain is a clone-only option, so if she tickles your fancy you might want to adjust your expectations accordingly.

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Giesel is a moderately strong bud that tends to average right around 23% THC. Her nugs look fairly commonplace with a dense structure, light green base color, and a decent smattering of bright orange pistils. What tends to turn heads, however, is her aroma. Giesel wafts a blend of skunk, gas, and sugary candy notes into the air, and while you’d think her flavors are the same, this bud keeps you on your toes. A more simple mixture of lemon and diesel will take over your palate, perhaps pointing to even further evidence about her naming process.

Rather than send you off into outer space with a high that’s unmanageable, this gal tends to allow users the ability to enjoy both her sativa and indica effects equally. Many describe her high as mellow, and rather than coming on like a kick to the head, she tends to ease in slowly for a long-lasting experience.

Happiness and an increased ability to focus are most commonly reported with Giesel, and while you’re tapping into this newfound joy, try to get a few things crossed off of your to-do list if you can. For most, this bud will impart relaxing effects toward the end of your journey, enticing some to go to sleep while others simply gear up for a Netflix marathon.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s been rumored that Giesel is a clone-only bud, so unless you know a guy who knows a guy, you likely won’t be including this strain in your home garden any time soon. It’s said that she does particularly well indoors and only takes 7 weeks to mature, but if you can’t find her to begin with, that doesn’t matter much right?

Thankfully, we don’t seem to have quite as tough of a time locating her, and users will likely find her if they do a bit of digging. We’d recommend experimenting with Giesel on a day when there’s not much to do, as tolerance levels can vary so dramatically that this bud might end up being better suited for nighttime use only. If you find that you’re able to fully function while riding her wave, consider taking Giesel outdoors for some fun adventures or tackling a long-forgotten household project.

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