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Glookies, a rare hybrid strain bred by Barney’s Farms, is heavily Indica-dominant (80/20), chocolatey, and motivating. Barney’s themselves describes the strain as a superhero team-up bud due to its famous lineage – the super powerful Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue. The result is a pungent, ambitious resin producer that creates a full-body energetic tingle while imparting flavors of spice, cookies, and fuel. This is a strain for destroying stress and encouraging creativity, a midday pick-me-up strain. If your brain is a burning building, you send up the Glookies signal to get saved.

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Glookies grows like an Indica, as you’d expect, with a ton of branches, olive leaves, bright green nugs coated in syrupy resin, and specks of amber crystals.

The Glookies flavor is a nutty, sweet, and spicy combination of its parents. This includes an overtone of chocolate, fuel and nuts, with a spicy exhale and an earthy aroma. The effects start gradually with a feeling of mental warmth and clarity, as you begin to feel energized, motivated, and creative. This makes Glookies a great pair for creative projects, working out, going out into the world, and just doing stuff. As you feel artistic motivation, you’ll also notice euphoric happiness and warmth, spreading like tendrils throughout your body.

Those who fear sedation, anxiety, or other mood-elevating issues can relax with Glookies. At 17% THC, it doesn’t amp you up that much – just enough to handle pain and PTSD by de-escalating your mood and giving you pleasant energy. Stress, ADD, ADHD, and insomnia can be treated with Glookies, though it won’t put you to sleep by itself. It will just make you feel like you could if you wanted to.

Despite sounding like something Rick and Morty would use to buy equipment from an alien pawnshop, Glookies is a potently pleasing strain with an earthy, dessert-like flavor that packs a punch of nutty goodness. We recommend it for those with stress and pain issues, who don’t mind the extra energy at the end of a long week (or right in the middle when you need it most).

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Half Ounce – 14g