Grape Blizzy – Indica Leaning Hybrid – $70 Half Ounce


Grape Blizzy is a deep coloured indica with insanely relaxing effects that will knockout whatever is bothering you.

It provides so much relief that you could probably chug an energy drink and get run over by a truck and this strain would set you back to good. In all seriousness, just a few puffs of Grape Blizzy will help your entire body take a giant exhale; your tense muscles will release and your mind will calm way down.

You can also reach for this strain anytime you need a creative escape. The vibes are very chill but you’ll remain alert and observant. Grape Blizzy will take you to a floaty realm of existence, as if you’re in a winter blizzard of consciousness. You’ll feel like you’re walking around wide awake in a hazy dream.

The Grape Blizzy buds are big and dense with deep coloured hues and fuzzy white trichomes that pop when you crack open the nugs. A mere whiff of its dank aroma will make you giddy. It reeks of creamy grape flavours mixed with decadent chocolate cookies.

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Weight 14 g