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Green Giant is named for the famous veggie can mascot. Its flavour profile is an acquired one, favoring the strong taste of herbs with hints of fruit and pine. Not much is known about its terpene profile, but the strain is said to have been bred from the famous Gorilla Glue, Platinum OG, and Grateful Breath strains. The result is value packed indica-dominant (70/30) strain. Continue reading to learn about what you can expect from a visit by the Green Giant.

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The main effects reported by users of Green Giant are that its influence encourages focus and relaxing energy. This makes the strain great for afternoons when you want to work on hobbies, clean up around the house, or work out. The strain can encourage euphoria as well as arousal, as its tingling tendrils stretch out from your neck to your appendages, encouraging feelings of laughter, energy, relaxation, and overall jolliness. Some users report feeling hungry, thirsty, and unable to sleep on this strain, which provides even more evidence for Green Giant as a great afternoon companion and a clumsy evening one.

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