High Class – AAAA Balanced Hybrid

Turn up the slow jams and turn down the lights, High Class is here to help you have an incredible evening. Created by unknown breeders, this bud is an indica-dominant strain that offers delicious flavours and super stoney effects. You won’t forget this high!

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Not for the faint of heart, this bud comes in at an average of 28% THC, making it a potent way to reach relaxation quickly. Nugs of High Class may look relatively unassuming, with a minty shade, amber hairs, and rather thick trichome coverage, but her flavours tell another story. A surprisingly amazing blend of cheese, fruit, earth, and spice all meld together on your tongue and in your nose, creating an addicting experience that you’ll lust after time and time again.

We’ve been alluding to it but here’s where it’s time to get real – High Class can be a great aphrodisiac and certainly a bud to share with your special someone, it also offers so much more. Her sativa roots bring about an intense sensation of joy that leaves your mind feeling blissful without imparting very much energy. In fact, this strain leaves users feeling deeply relaxed, so much to the point that couch lock is nearly inevitable. Take advantage of your intimate time before you fall fast asleep!

Even those who are looking for medical relief can find something to love in this strong strain, as sex isn’t the only thing she’s good for. Given that your mind is taken to an elevated place, many turn to High Class for stress relief and find that it’s a great choice for dealing with depression. Her heavily sedating effects help with insomnia, and in some users the munchies become very strong, making this strain ideal for those with a lack of appetite and issues with nausea.

So far this bud has brought nothing but positivity, but most good things in life have some negative aspects to them. Hers? High Class seems to be nearly impossible to grow at home, not only because cultivation information isn’t available, but because finding seeds or clones proves to be equally as difficult. As we’ve seen time and time again, strains that hail from unknown breeders tend to have this issue.

Stock up on this one while you can, we don’t know if we’ll ever find High Class again!

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