Premium Hookahman Traditional Temple Ball Hashish

This is the real deal. There  is nothing better or stickier than our Premium Hookahman Traditional Temple Ball Hashish. Temple balls give extractors an elegant and effective way to preserve the trichome heads we work so hard to isolate and collect. Their soft and luscious interior is truly a thing of beauty. Their glistening surface seems mystical.

Temple balls represent a blending of the old and the new, with modern solventless techniques like ice water extraction meeting age-old knowledge and practices for optimizing hash with only some heat and human hands.

A majestic marble, a globe of pure goodness, the temple ball is calling your name. Will you answer?

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Temple Balls are objects of hash-making lore, originating long before modern methods of ice water extraction and bubble bags. The first temple balls were made from hand-collected cannabis trichomes (which is known as charas), or from dry sift made by separating trichomes from the plant using screens. Temple balls are the original solventless cannabis concentrate.

Temple balls give hash makers a way to store and preserve precious trichome heads for the long-term. Frenchy Cannoli helped bring temple balls into the spotlight in recent years, teaching us how to create these beautiful and practical forms of bubble hash. His lifelong passion was learning how to create hash and better understand cannabis trichomes, including how to preserve hash in the form of Temple Balls.

Simply put, temple balls are a collection of trichome heads, isolated from the plant using the ice water extraction method, gathered together and hand-rolled into a spherical mass. Traditionally, temple balls were made by hand-rubbing ripe cannabis flowers and collecting the trichomes that stuck to the skin. Now, ice water extraction has become the standard, blending the old and the new.

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