Ice Cream Cake – Indica

Beautiful and delicious, Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain from Archive seed bank is an indica-leaning hybrid showcasing full-body effects in a complexly aromatic package. Reeking of kush, gas, and fresh vanilla ice cream, this frosty stunner is gorgeous to behold in all of its iced resin glory.

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Archive Seeds Ice Cream Cake lineage is an exciting genetic blend of powerful hybrid strains. A cross of Snowman S1 x Face-Off strains, Ice Cream Cake marijuana seeds bring to life the euphoric and intense head high of both parents.

From Face Off, an OG Kush pheno, expect massive body and mind effects reminiscent of its Kush genealogy. Snowman S1, a child of Girl Scout Cookies, delivers sweet vanilla notes alongside creative euphoria and heavy cerebral effects.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Terpene Profile
Ice Cream Cake aromas are driven by its terpene-rich resin. Deep aromas of earthy kush and fuel-soaked skunk are cut with the notes of sweet vanilla so indicative of its Girl Scout Cookies lineage. As its buds begin to saturate with resin, expect aromas to grow and gassy kush to become the dominant aroma of your grow setup.

Archive Seeds Ice Cream Cake dominant terpene is myrcene, delivering slightly fruity earth and deep kush. Caryophyllene provides the creamy vanilla cookie notes of its lineage, with limonene and hints of linalool combining into a bright and gassy sweetness that settles over the entire plant.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Effects
Archive Seeds Ice Cream Cake weed is heavy-handed on both body and mind effects. This strain begins as a cerebral monster, creating an uplifted euphoria almost immediately thanks to its high THC levels. Expect creativity and long-lasting happiness to set in first, as its heady sativa genes and energetic limonene travel straight to your mind.

Ice Cream Cake THC levels reach well above 20%, with many growers reporting monsters of nearly 25%. CBD levels are almost nonexistent, but with the potent combo of THC and terpenes, relaxation and comfort will be abundant throughout the body. Couch lock will be almost nonexistent, so enjoy this strain before a busy day of chores or with a fun night out with friends.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Medical Benefits
Ice Cream Cake medical seeds deliver potent results of mental clarity and mild but noticeable pain relief. Anxiety and depression take a back seat to the powerful brightness of buzzy sativa and active terpenes, and as the mind focuses, expect creative endeavours and happiness to flood your thoughts.

A generous THC content and rich levels of myrcene and caryophyllene contribute soothing pain relief and relaxation across the entire body. As a balanced indica/sativa hybrid, anxiety and paranoia are low while beneficial effects continue in waves with each session.


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