Kryptonite Kush

Kryptonite Kush is parented from the very potent strain OG Kush. It is made up of big nugs, which are light green in color. The appearance is frosty due to the large amount of tri-chromes, which come in layers all over the buds. This stuff is STIIICKY and tastes very Kushy!

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Krptonite Kush is a popular type of marijuana as it has a whopping THC content of 25% and it is an F1 hybrid, which sends user to an instant and long lasting medicated state. It tastes like pine or menthol and is described as pungent and dank with a similar palate to OG Kush. There is a chemical aftertaste present, which can put most users off. The aroma of the Kryptonite Kush is strong and pungent. It is comparable to that of OG Kush with hints of pine as well.

The smell is also danky and spreads throughout the house, penetrating the walls and doors. Kryptonite Kush slows down the brain and puts the users in a calm and sleepy state. It is widely used to treat anxiety, pain, insomnia and lost appetite. This potent strain is not recommended to the beginner because it induces greater high.

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