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Layer Cake is an insanely powerful strain by Swamp Boys Seeds that’s probably based on the food. But we like to think it’s a reference to the cocaine-fueled brutal crime trip that is Layer Cake, the 2004 British crime film by Matthew Vaughn, starring a pre-Bond Daniel Craig and pre-Bane Tom Hardy. Layer Cake, the plant, has gained a ton of popularity on the West Coast and especially in Denver, where its incredible THC concentration is becoming a local legend.

The flavors of Layer Cake are good. Out-of-this-world good. The strain was crossbred from GMO, Triangle Kush, Wedding Cake, and Skunk #1, so you can imagine how many diversely creamy, spicy, herby, and woody flavors go into that mix. Your smoke starts with the skunky, spicy scent, and as you relax it begins to turn cheesy with hints of fuel and earthy wood flavours.

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Layer Cake can make you sleepy, but it’s not a heavily sedating strain, despite THC levels that can reach 30% intensity or more. We recommend the strain for working around the house, eating, exercising, walking, and just generally being. If you want to go on a relaxing nature hike, Layer Cake is a great snack to pack.

The buds are flat, huge, deep green and orange-colored, and have a nice assortment of frosty, almost golden trichomes. The stalks grow medium-sized yields outdoors and a little less inside, with colas that clump together on the medium-height stems.

You’ll be leaping between conversations with a heady high and lungs full of delicious cake, but you’ll also be willing to let the day pass you by from the couch. It depends on what you need Layer Cake to be and what time you decide to try some. But for any reasonable afternoon users, the strain can relieve anxiety and stress, calm chronic pain, reduce symptoms of depression, and even relieve muscle spasms and cramps. It has limited use for helping insomniacs go to sleep, but if your sleeplessness is due to stress, a dose of Layer Cake could help.

Layer Cake is strong enough to be near-narcotic levels of psychoactive. The euphoric, blissful, happy calm comes out as a strong body buzz that will make you feel sharp, motivated, and ready for anything. The terpenes Beta Myrcene and Limonene contribute to its amazing flavor combinations, which include woody outdoor tastes as well as all the sugar-packed creamy dessert flavors you would expect from a child of Wedding Cake. So long as you can handle 30% THC and up, Layer Cake is a blast.

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