Mac Flurry – AAAA Indica Dominant Hybrid

Mac Flurry is a cross between the legendary Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) and Slurricane from Inhouse Genetics. This strain is truly a showstopper packed full of nothing but the most beautiful buds.

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There’s no doubt that this is for sure a MAC cross. It looked exactly like MAC. Extremely dense buds glazed in trichomes with amazing clarity. The amount of trichomes and the clarity alone were mind blowing to say the least. The colors on the buds were captivating as well. The greens were dark and almost impossible to see below the sea of trichomes. There were some shades of purples and a lot of copper colored hairs. I can say that this strain is by far one of the prettiest we’ve come across in a while.

Not only does this strain have the physical features of MAC, it has all the smells of MAC with a touch of Slurricane. You can pick up the sweet grape like notes that you mostly get from MAC. As you break them down, the sweet smell of sugarcane floods the air. At this point there will be no doubt that what you are now smelling is the Slurricane.

When you first spark the blunt, you may get a bit of pine. As the blunt progresses, the flavour switches from piney to sweet and creamy. It is a lot like Slurricane with a touch of MAC and still had the mouth watering effects you get from MAC.

The high is a creeper to say the least. The smoke is smooth, almost too smooth and may leave you asking if that was all. After exceeding the 2/3 mark, you’ll realize just how good the hit was. You’ll get a good cerebral high that leaves your body feeling as if you were in the pool. All your pains will be blown away and your mind will be at ease.

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