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The Maui Wowie strain is a super popular and high-THC bud that is sure to wow anyone who consumes it. It originated on the Hawaiian island of Maui in the ‘60s, and still to this day, remains a legend. Maui Wowie is every bit as tropical and pineapple-like as you’d expect. It offers an extraordinarily buzzy and energetic high that is great for early morning use.

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Maui Wowie, aka Maui Waui, is a classic Sativa marijuana strain. It was considered as a top of the line cannabis strain when it first appeared in the 1960s. Maui Wowie strain was originally bred in Hawaii, but its popularity inevitably escaped the county and spread worldwide.

The weed wasn’t as potent back then before Maui Wowie hit the market. It was so popular that any cannabis that came from the states back then used to be called Maui Wowie. Its sweet pineapple flavor and smell will take you straight to the Hawaiian tropical islands.

Like other Sativa strains, Maui Wowie has stress-relieving qualities and gives you high-energy euphoria. Its effect is generally mellow and clear-headed.

Maui Wowie strain is originally from the Hawaiian island called Maui and developed from a landrace Hawaiian Sativa. The original genetics line may be unknown today, but this strain’s popularity is still unbeatable after 60 years.

In the 1960s, the average THC content of any marijuana strain was pretty low and always under 8%. Maui Wowie was bread with increased THC content and quickly became one of the most desired strains among all generations of smokers.

These days Maui Wowie is considered a middle to high-grade marijuana strain that gives a Sativa high with some Indica perks. Many strains have higher THC content than Maui Wowie, but they can not beat the tropical island vibe that it provides.

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