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Mendo Purps goes by a ton of names – Mendocino Purple, Mendocino Purps, or even just, The Purps. This strain was bred by BC Bud Depot, originally only from clones but eventually from seeds. Their work paid off because it won Strain of the Year for High Times in 2007 and has been a popular heavy-hitter ever since.

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Northern California cannabis lovers can often be seen with Purps as their strain of choice. It grows well in temperate climates, indoors and outdoors, and can reach 7 feet tall when properly cared for. Experienced growers note that Mendocino Purps is not ideal for novice growers as it requires a bit of finagling in terms of stress training and trimming to maximize the yield. Purps plants require strong support because the leaves and buds are so heavy that the branches can break. The Sea of Green method comes highly recommended for this strain. The plant’s thick leaves begin as bright green and progress to a more purple tone as the plant matures.

The flavor of Mendocino Purps is a mature, acquired taste that stands out even among the well-populated North Californian market. This flavor is often described as dessert-like and outdoorsy, like a caramel coffee macchiato crossed with an outdoorsy, earthy pine flavor. As you smoke, fruit tones start to crowd your palette, bringing on a sense of nuttiness and rich, grapey sweetness.

Mendocino Purps hits hard and fast. The effects are immediately euphoric and relaxing, making you feel incredibly motivated, focused, and happy. Purps will loosen your tongue as you smoke, making you amused and giggling at everything, relaxed all over, and yet energized to interact with people and do stuff.

This energizing high feeling not only helps you relax but can help treat chronic pain and depression as well. Despite being focusing and motivating, Purps is recommended in limited doses for insomnia as well, due to its ability to reduce anxiety.

Mendocino Purps is slightly Indica-dominant (60/40) and we know its Indica side came from the West Coast (hence the name) but the Sativa is harder to track. Regardless, the strain is so pain-relieving that it can help with inflammation as well, which can be a huge relief at the end of a long week, where you may not be able to giggle at the world without a little help from The Purps.

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