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The MK Ultra strain is a popular indica-leaning strain known for its powerful cerebral and hypnotic effects. It is the child of the OG Kush strain and G-13, so it’s no wonder it’s such a powerhouse. In addition, it has a sweet and piney flavor profile that’s super refreshing on the palate.

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MK Ultra is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant strain that is famous for its strong hypnotic effects. It is named after the notorious “mind-control” program, Project MK Ultra, conducted by the CIA between 1950-73.

As part of Project MK Ultra, the CIA conducted a series of experiments at several different institutions. Psychedelic drugs were administered to unwitting participants without their consent or knowledge. So the fact that this strain is named after that program should give you an idea of just how potent it is.

MK Ultra is an award-winning hybrid strain bred by T.H. Seeds. It is the offspring of two outstanding strains, namely OG Kush and the indica G-13. MK Ultra is a firm favorite among cannabis consumers, and its quality has seen it pick up some notable awards in the past. This strain came first in the Best Indica category in the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. It came in second in the same category the following year.

MK Ultra is one of the most potent strains globally renowned for its intense cerebral high and hypnotic effects. Given the strong nature of its effects, the MK Ultra strain is not suitable for novices. Even seasoned recreational or medicinal cannabis users will have to be careful with the amount they consume.

If you are planning on trying out MK Ultra, then do so when you have no other plans. This strain is a notorious couch-locker that will leave you so sedated you won’t want (or be able) to move.

Users say that MK Ultra’s effects are fast-acting, cerebral, and almost hypnotic. Typically, users experience a deep feeling of relaxation and euphoria before the overpowering physical effects take hold.

Some users say that consuming MK Ultra causes them to get the ‘munchies.’ As getting off the couch may become difficult, keep some healthy snacks nearby.

Sedation ultimately leads to drowsiness, so if you need a good night’s sleep, this strain may help.

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