Moon Mist

Moon Mist is a 50/50 hybrid strain that absolutely rocks. It has an unreal terpene profile and a mild but mind-lifting high. The strain goes great with being social, doing art projects, eating, sleeping, movies, even doing nothing at all. Experienced users are going to flourish on a few drags of this relaxing, elevating strain. New users are going to want to stop at one.

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Moon Mist has a 24% THC average and provides a relaxing high. The taste is a product of several terpenes that create a full-bodied flavor of fruit, herbs, and nuts. Sabinene provides an orange-like flavor, Phellandrene the taste of plume and pine, Bisabolol a nutty dimension, and Humulene the herbal taste of earthy tea. The result is a pungent, earthy taste that lays fruit flavours on the top of your tongue and pushes through with nutty, potent Kush tastes, almost like a mix of herbs and vanilla.

The effects of Moon Mist differ depending on how much you take, but most will feel happy and relaxed at first, moving on to a state of peaceful sedation. You’ll be grounded to your couch, hungry, and probably sleeping before long, assuming a normal human tolerance. While emptying your fridge may not fit into your diet plans, laying around and snacking may be exactly what you need after a hard day’s work. The strain goes perfectly with a great movie, some social time with friends, arts and crafts, yoga, reading, or other low-key activities.

This makes Moon Mist a great strain to treat chronic anxiety, stress, and depression. Its ability to make you hungry helps people recovering from surgery or suffering from a stress-related loss of appetite a reason to start eating again. Insomniacs will find themselves drifting off in no time.

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