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Nova is an indica-dominant strain with thoroughly relaxing properties that make it both recreationally and medically effective. This strain was created by Canadian-based LP Tweed and is a combination of Jack the Ripper and CBD-rich Harlequin. Like Harlequin, Nova contains a high concentration of CBD, often in almost equal proportion to THC. In addition to its therapeutic value, Nova is prized for its earthy, complex flavor. Its THC level is measured at 23%.

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Nova sets itself apart with solid and medium-sized buds. These flowers hold an irregular, roughly spherical shape and maintain a dense bud structure that is typical of other indica-leaning strains. The small, curling leaves are a vibrant shade of pea green and are flecked with brown and copper-colored pistils. Finally, sticky white trichomes cover these already-colorful buds, giving them an icy sheen when seen from afar.

When properly cured, flowers of Nova give off a fresh, fruity aroma of berry, and lemon. There are also some woodsy, piney base notes hiding underneath. Grinding up the tight buds releases a dank and earthy musk, while burning them gives off a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This light smoke takes like berries and pine on the exhale.

Nova’s subtle high comes on slowly, become detectable only after 10 minutes or so. At first, smokers may notice that they slip into a more relaxed physical state, with any muscular pain having vanished and deep breathing happening more easily. In addition to this palpable physical sensation, Nova tends to warp sensory perception, making colors more vivid and sounds more dynamic. Many consumers may also have the uncanny sensation that time is passing more slowly. Such psychedelic effects give an accurate preview of Nova’s relatively long-lasting high; rather than focusing on complex, work-related tasks, this strain is more likely to make you kick back and indulge in some much-neglected leisure. At first, Nova’s relaxation is not powerful enough to knock users off their feet, but it can provide a nice backdrop to low-key social gatherings, where it may prompt free-flowing conversation and easy camaraderie. As time passes (or as dosage is increased), buckle in for pervasive couchlock, in which any preoccupations of the day are banished and the outside world slowly dissolves into the background. For some, Nova’s bodily numbing can be so strong as to bring about a feeling of depersonalization or disorientation. In the right set and setting, this heavy indica can even lull relaxed smokers into a deep, restful sleep. It should go without saying, then, that Nova is best enjoyed after dark — or at least on a day that’s free of any pressing concerns or responsibilities.

Nova’s CBD-inflected relaxation can also have many benefits for medical cannabis patients. It can provide some temporary relief from the harsh symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. On the physical end of the spectrum, Nova may soothe aches and pains, whether they’re due to injury or chronic diseases like lupus or arthritis. As noted, the bud can also provide swift and fulfilling sleep, making it a good option for insomniacs. Because its physical action can be stunningly strong, Nova should be consumed with some caution or moderation by patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Fun when savored alone or shared with friends, Nova is a great strain to enjoy on a rainy day or night spent indoors. For an added meta kick, toke on it and expand your mind while watching an episode of the PBS science series Nova.

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