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Peanut Butter Rockstar is an 80% indica, 20% sativa hybrid. As a relatively new strain, Peanut Butter Rockstar has yet to attain “rockstar” status in cannabis dispensaries, but many cannabis cannasseurs believe that it will soon take centre stage as its popularity spreads. After all, this indica dominant hybrid’s parents are already legendary in weed circles with a lineage that traces back to Mendo Breath, Peanut Butter Breath, and Rockstar.

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Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
The strains of Peanut Butter Rockstar’s lineage contain some very typical indica genetics, which helps explain its short stature and dense nug structure. The buds are dark, forest green with vivid orange pistils. As hinted from its name, Peanut Butter Rockstar has very nutty aromatics. While it may not taste exactly like a PB&J sandwich, users often report experiencing terpenes that mimic hazelnuts, pecans and, of course, peanuts. The sweet caramel and vanilla terpenes it gets from it’s parent, Mendo Breath, may intensify these peanut butter-like flavours. However, it’s important to note that Peanut Butter Rockstar has equally strong earthy notes like woods and pine. Users should also expect a spicy “hash-like” aftertaste, typical of Kush-descended strains.

Effects and Medical Uses
Peanut Butter Rockstar isn’t a strain you want to typically smoke before a live concert. Instead, this hybrid should be reserved for backstage use after a long workday. The heavy indica properties and high THC percentage can give Peanut Butter Rockstar strong relaxing and sedative properties. Non experienced tokers may get glued to their sofas shortly after inhaling this strain. Please only take Peanut Butter Rockstar when you’re done with your jam sessions, and just want to chill out later in the day. Medicinal users who struggle with restless thoughts, sleep issues or chronic pain are a good fit for this soothing, night time smoke.

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