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Not to be confused with Pineapple Express, this strain is an older version of some pretty amazing genetics that will likely become a part of every happy hour you ever enjoy. Pineapple is an evenly balanced hybrid resulting from a cross between Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud and an unknown strain. Developed by Sensi Seeds, she’s sure to offer you some great flavors and even better effects.

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Each nugget of joy is a dark green shade with a rich coating of trichomes and a plethora of wiry orange hairs. As you can guess based on her name, both the flavors and aromas of Pineapple are heavy with tropical fruit, including notes of pineapple and mango, with a hint of skunk poking through as you exhale. Her sweetness makes for a perfect dessert strain while her savory notes offer balance and complexity.

For most users, Pineapple tends to be one of those strains that you look forward to at the end of a long day. It’s reported that a few tokes will send you to a place of cerebral bliss, bringing a smile to your face no matter what the situation. Social tendencies are likely to increase as your high continues, allowing many to enjoy great conversations while also feeling slightly detached from their bodies. Pineapple’s indica side eventually shows up with a tendency to bring on a mellow body sensation that’s relaxing but probably won’t put you to sleep.

If you are looking to use Pineapple in a more therapeutic way, you’ll be pleased to know that this bud is often recommended for the treatment of depression and anxiety. While physical pain may also be soothed by indulging in this strain, it’s far more likely that you’d fall asleep first if you’re enjoying her to your heart’s content. However, if your tolerance is high, the most prominent benefit you receive could simply be a case of the munchies, which can be helpful for those struggling with a loss of appetite or nausea.

Pineapple makes for a great addition to any home grower’s garden as she’s fairly resistant to mold and mildew and is rather straightforward to care for. If you opt for an outdoor setting, make sure she’ll have enough warmth to sustain her and be ready to reap your harvest in late September or early October. Indoor cultivators will find that only 8 to 9 weeks is needed for Pineapple to flourish.

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