Pink Island

Pink Island Kush, also known simply as “Pink Island,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Pink Kush with Island Sweet Skunk.

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Pink Island is an indica-dominant hybrid, but to understand this amazing strain, its parent strains need to be understood. By combining Pink Kush and Island Sweet Skunk, breeders have created a hybrid that narrows down on the most intense effects of both sativas and indicas. Island Sweet Skunk, a strong sativa, is well-known for its energetic, mental effects, while Pink Kush is a heavyweight indica with a reputation for creating a deep body high with a dreamlike mental state. Pink Island pulls from either end of the spectrum, mashes it together, and creates a high like no other strain.

With immediate effects, Pink Island’s high is fast-acting and intense. Right away, both body and mind are affected. In the mind, thoughts become faster and sharper, giving into a rush of creative energy, while the body starts to become weighed down and heavy. As it progresses, the lethargic physical effects creep into the mind where they allow for thoughts and emotions to become stretched out. In both areas, Pink Island’s effects are very intense, highlighting the potency of this interesting strain.

For medicinal purposes, Pink Island should be reserved for those with ample cannabis experience. A small amount of this strain can create an intense buzz, and should be used with strong intent and focus. It can help to manage chronic pain, nausea, and other physical ailments while allowing users to retain mental energy.

Pink Island’s diverse lineage is on full display in the bud structure. Contrasting dark purple and light green leaves make up the dense buds, while pale crystals and dark orange hairs saturate the surface. This distinct visual contrast sets Pink Island apart, hinting at the intense buzz that’s trapped inside. This contrast continues in the aromatic qualities, giving Pink Island a dank, skunky smell that still contains those fruity, sweet, and clean tones sativas are known for. Both aspects are mingled together, leaving neither the skunky or fruity smell to dominate.

The smoke is thin, but heavy with flavor, and can create some chest irritation. Unlike most strains, there isn’t a clear initial flavor or aftertaste with Pink Island. Instead, the flavor of the smoke has a conflicting quality to it: at once, it’s both earthy and spicy, but also sweet with fruity tones. This conflicting quality gives Pink Island a distinct profile, but not necessarily the most pleasant smoking experience.

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