Pink Tuna

Pink Tuna carries a THC level of up to the low 30s. If you want to be pounded into a couch-locked state and find yourself lost in the tingly allure of a powerhouse Indica (70/30), Pink Tuna may be your new callsign.

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The high begins as a strong cerebral punch, full of euphoria and devoid of focus. Pink Tuna will not be your new work companion. It’ll be your body buzz, promoting relaxing tingles and a sense of “drift” as your mind flies away. If you want to turn your head into a loose balloon as your body sinks into cushions, consider this sedating strain as your new happy drug.

If you suffer from insomnia and the feelings of fatigue and even depression that can result from prolonged sleeplessness, Pink Tuna can return your energy to normal. Muscle spasms, cramps, and pain conditions can be treated with this strain’s sweet taste and powerhouse THC levels.

While crashing into your couch, you’ll taste a sour diesel flavor, full of intense fruit aromas. The pungent, heavy smell will definitely let the world know you’re smoking Pink Tuna – it’ll linger in your living room for hours. The buds are shaped like minty grapes and coated in white trichomes, like a thin layer of frost.

The strain comes from a combination of Tuna Kush and classic Pink Kush, which is probably why it has its unique cocktail of fruit and fuel flavors and undersized buds. You’ll feel drowsy, happy, relaxed, and euphoric on Pink Tuna, but make sure to try it in lower doses if you consider yourself a novice. Due to its potent THC content, beginners may find themselves knocked flat by the Pink Tuna gang (on the other hand, that may be what you’re looking for!).

Before you fall asleep, you’ll feel the high creep slowly along your whole body, convincing you to fall asleep and relax. If you suffer from cramps, pain, and stress, Pink Tuna may be overkill for novices and a godsend for experienced users. If you want Miami in your mouth, this is the one.

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