Platinum Dosi – AAAA Indica

Platinum Dosi is a mostly indica variety from In House Genetics crossing the legendary Platinum with Dosidos. A sweet union, the result is a deep, rich kush terpene profile with creamy undertones. Ideal for bedtime smoke as the heavy feeling will be experienced.

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Platinum Dosi will have you swinging in your brain at this strain’s 30% THC-level, which is a delicious and addicting powerhouse that hits you hard and hits you for a long time. For an amazing cookie flavuor, this Indica strain is becoming a crowd-favourite for regulars and newcomers alike.

A little about this strains parents…

The plant grows in long cones of olive nugs with purple leaves, tons of sweet resin, and a layer of frost. The terpene profile favors lime and pine, as well as an addicting minty aroma. Its parents, Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, contributed these flavors, as well as the equally addictive cerebral effects. But it’s worth noting that Dosidos smells nothing like Cookies strains, instead favouring over-sweet, fermented fruit odours, as well as the smell of dank earth. The mentally lifting energy will make you happy to be stoned and lost in thought. Do-Si-Dos is a pit that your brain can fall into and keep falling. You’ll feel warm all over and tingling in your spine and limbs. Locked to your couch and falling asleep, you’ll enjoy getting hit repeatedly in the face by Dosido dancing circles around your stressed-out brain.

Platinum wears its luxury on its sleeve. It sounds like an incredibly rare stone and powers through the user’s brain with a potent, glittering effect. The strain swings Indica (75/25) and focuses on the physical realm when it comes to the high. There’s no cerebral energy here – this is a full-on body buzz that can cure a migraine, improve your sleep, and make you deliriously happy. This popular West Coast strain has a unique taste to back up its mid-high THC levels.

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