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Purple Arrow is predominately Indica (85% Indica and 15% Sativa). Breeders crossed Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani to achieve a strain with a THC level of 22%. This strain is known as CBD-rich or high-CBD, meaning its CBD levels approach 4%, making it highly suitable for serious medical conditions.

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This bud is pretty boring looking compared to some of its more flamboyant cousins in the cannabis family. The nugs are small to medium-sized, and the colors are muted and toned down, with light green, purple, and orange. Trichomes and resin are minimal. The fragrance is sweet and floral in the nose and finishes smooth and tasty in the mouth.

With a high CBD content, Purple Arrow may help in reversing alcohol damage to the brain, stop cancer from advancing, alleviate severe social anxiety, and serve as an anti-psychotic. You can purchase the bud to smoke, but other products are available with high CBD content such as oil, tincture, and lotion.

People can expect to feel immediate pain relief, effective for mild, moderate, and severe pain. Along with pain relief, Purple Arrow delivers heavy sedation so you might want to use it at night. Euphoria is possible as the strain does have some sativa.

Recreational users who are looking for an average psychoactive experience could choose this strain as well. Don’t expect to go out and change the world; a mellow day on the couch is more likely to happen. The couch-lock shouldn’t be too overwhelming and you could try – at least once – a strain high in CBD in order to experience the synergistic effect the THC and CBD have working together.

Purple Arrow is a high-CBD strain that medical patients should definitely try for serious conditions and symptoms. For Rec users, it has a decent amount of THC, and the high CBD content may provide a synergistic effect that you haven’t felt before. This potent strain will drop you on the couch and leave you there, pain-free and happy.

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