Purple Ice Water – AAAA Sativa Leaning Hybrid

Designed to take your worst day possible and transform it into pure bliss, Purple Ice Water can be the difference between stress and joy, sickness and health, and a host of other polar opposites. Not only are breeders staying hidden behind the curtain on this one but even her genetic lineage is kept under wraps, making this slightly sativa-dominant strain a true mystery.

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If you’re looking to knock out stress in a hurry, Purple Ice Water may be the strain for you. Potent and relaxing, this hybrid is good for any time of day. Slightly sativa-dominant, Purple Ice Water produces euphoric and focused effects in users. This strain is known for creating a calming, tingly sensation that begins in the head before traveling to the rest of your body. Purple Ice Water features a slight blueberry scent and a mellow taste, making it a great strain for new users.

What has been determined, however, is that this bud produces a consistent average THC in the low to mid 20% range, making it a great choice for users of all experience levels. Like the name would have you guess, nugs of Purple Ice Water take on a very notable violet shade and are complete with tons of white, sparkly trichomes. Her flavor is just as appealing too, with blueberries, grapes, and earth all hitting you simultaneously. Aromas offer you much of the same, making this a bud that’s hard to pass up.

Creative types tend to really jump on board with the effects of Purple Ice Water, as you’ll instantly experience a cerebral boost that leans toward focus, productivity, and complete joy. Whether it’s time to put the finishing touches on a piece of art or begin writing another chapter of your novel, Purple Ice Water has your back and won’t let any stress get in your way. Alongside the mental benefits, this strain offers you a set of tingles that are second to none. Starting in your head, they’ll cascade to your toes and add to the overall experience.

Considered to be a jack of all trades, this strain also works wonders for medical patients who need just a bit of relief during any time of the day. Stress and depression, especially chronic cases that tend to leave you down in the dumps for days, are melted away after a few hits, and bodily pain also gets kicked to the curb with ease. Although she doesn’t offer much in the way of CBD, Purple Ice Water is potent enough to act as a daily choice to promote health and healing.

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