Rainbow – Balanced Hybrid

Rainbow is flavourful and arousing. It inspires feelings of creativity and energetic focus, giving you a reason to get up and go, to interact with people, to do your thing, and to enjoy life. The flavor has been described as similar to mint chocolate chip ice cream mixed with herbs. Its impact is physically all-consuming – you’ll feel this strain in every finger and toe. Due to the fact that it retains up to 3% CBD through extraction, Rainbow is particularly effective at impacting attention and traumatic stress disorders.

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The breeder Exotic Genetix created this evenly balanced hybrid from Mint Chocolate Chip and Sunset Sherbert Strains. The plant flowers between 56 and 63 days into its growing cycle and harvests outside around the second week of October. Feminized seeds and indoor growing conditions ensure that the plants are female, which can contribute to an easier growing period and a greater yield, which can reach 16 oz. per square meter inside. The resulting plants have mid-sized, dense buds that are bright and green with layers of purple beneath. The opaque crystals give it a creamy appearance overall with short, curly amber hairs.

The Rainbow flavour is herbal, minty, and on the exhale, tastes like sour citrus. Users compare it to chocolate chip mint ice cream, mixed with spicy berry flavors. The aroma is skunky and dank, with a classically heavy weed scent that reminds you of those tasty notes of chocolate at the same time. For astute users, scents of orange and herbs can be detected in the smoke.

The strain’s effects accentuate motivation, clarity, and creativity. Rainbow users feel confident and charming, ready to tackle social situations without stress and take on the world without fear. Your ongoing creative projects can be given a long-lasting boost with Rainbow effects, though many users report dry eyes and cottonmouth to last just as long.

These effects work well for people who suffer from attention and mood disorders such as ADD/ADHD and traumatic stress (PTSD). Depression, fatigue, and stress can also be treated with an herbal chocolate cocktail, minty, frosty, and sugary sweet. The unique flavors should certainly make Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies fans happy. Where they connect with PTSD sufferers in the Venn Diagram of life is where Rainbow truly shines.

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