Skunk – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Skunk is predictably skunky but did you know that it’s nearly 50 years old? Unlike so many strains that have been bred to match modern tastes from venerated favorites within the last decade, Skunk is an oldie, one of the strains that baby boomers talk about when they tell stories about the 60s.

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Even today, Skunk is highly relaxing and interesting to take in. Continue reading to learn why oldies are still goodies when it comes to this skunky favorite by Sacred Seed Co.

The strain was bred by crossing Afghan Indica strains, still unknown to this day, with famous sativas, Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold. Its breeders made the strain in Holland, but its genetic lineage stretches around the world, from South America to Thailand. The result is a potent, indica-leaning hybrid (60/40) that earns its keep with a pungent flavor profile and potent effects.

The strain’s taste is spunky and sour-earthy, with a spicy onset that drifts into more herbal, sweet, and sour flavors as you go. The exhale is pungent, earthy, with hints of fuel. The aroma is similarly pungent-skunky and will fill the space with its sour power. Don’t expect to be able to hide this strain! If you and your house can handle it though, its 21% THC levels conceal some massively relaxing effects.


Stress is the main reason people go for gold (Colombian gold) with Skunk, while also experiencing increased hunger and reduced depression. Many consumers report dry mouth on this strain as well, so be aware that you’ll be reaching for water right after you’re done reaching for snacks.

Skunk is a peaceful companion to have, one that encourages euphoric giggling and stress-free relaxation at the time that it shows those new strains who are boss when it comes to skunky earth flavours.

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