Slurry Cookies

Slurry Cookies is has a powerhouse genetic line – BadAzz Cookies x Slurricane – the two THC-toppers combine to create a strain of rare potency that assaults the senses with punchy fruitiness. This beautifully bred cross is a melting pot of elite genetics and shows all the very best characteristics from her immediate genetic lineage.

Slurry Cookies has a very relaxing effect. It brings happiness and a feeling of well-being!

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The two strains Slurry Cookies is made up of are Slurricane and BadAzz Cookies. The combination of the two has a magical effect that makes you feel like a king or queen. A bit about each of it’s parents below:


Quickly growing to become one of the more popular strains on the cannabis market, Slurricane brings indica lovers everything they could ever ask for in a bud. By crossing Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch, the team at In House Genetics has developed something of a legend. They’ve experimented with a wide range of phenotypes and it seems as if we might see Slurricane crossed with other strains to create some pretty amazing plants in the near future.

Most would agree that this strain is ideal for more experienced users as her THC levels can reach as high as 28%. Nugs are large, fluffy, and dark in color, yet have a thick layer of white trichomes that take on a bit of a purple hue in just the right light. Both flavors and aromas mirror each other pretty accurately, and users can expect a mixture of berries, spice, cream, and even a bit of tropical fruit to dance along their palate as they smoke. Given that Slurricane is recommended for use during the evening, she could make for the perfect dessert bud.

    BadAzz Cookies:

BadAzz Cookies is born from a real champion’s triple cross: a Badazz, an OG Kush and the famous Cookies Kush. The result is a 70% Indica hybrid that produces abundant crops with an incredible resin production and a pleasant effect.

Despite the high THC level of 15-20% and almost non-existent CBD, Badazz Cookies OG produces a not-too-devastating, very relaxing effect. It brings happiness and a feeling of well-being that allows you to consume it throughout the day without it being a problem to carry out your normal activities.

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