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Tina is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. An award-winning strain, Tina is popular amongst growers and smokers alike. If the name is ringing a bell, it’s likely because you saw Tina win the 2017 Hight Times SoCal Harvest Cup, where it took home 1st place for Best Indica Flower. Tina was created when Exotic Genetix crossbred Constantine with Triple OG.

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Tina’s buds are typically colored dark green or deep purple, with bright fuzzy hairs to accent their shape. In addition to these bright hairs, users are often impressed with the resin-like layer of trichomes covering the bud. Expect these nugs to grow short and dense, much like any other Indica bud. The aroma that Tina gives off is one of pure pungency. Many have described the scent of a freshly cracked open package of Tina to smell like a container of jet fuel mixed with dirt. When burned, the flavor is almost the same as the aroma, but it isn’t nearly as harsh as one would expect.

With a THC level as high as 25%, Tina is quite a potent high for users of all experience levels. On exhale, a tingly sensation spreads from the back of the neck up and down the spinal column spreading through the extremities. As you feel your mind expand and begin chasing down the answers of questions you haven’t yet thought of, your body experiences relaxation at the ultimate level. Although your mind will feel incredibly energetic and focused, your body will most likely be glued to whatever you’re sitting on.

Tina provides many with an unusual opportunity to expand their mind while also maintaining peak physical comfort and relaxation. This makes it great for those who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, and arthritis. As time progresses and the episodes on Netflix fly by, you will eventually become sleepy and will likely find yourself on a journey to dreamland. If you’re someone that suffers from insomnia, Tina might be worth looking into.

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