Tropical Cookies

Sometimes the most mysterious strains turn out to be the best ones and Tropical Cookies is no exception. It’s said that this gal hails from Grower’s Choice in Spain, but no one really knows if that’s entirely accurate. The offspring of Pineapple Skunk and Girl Scout Cookies, Tropical Cookies tends to offer users an array of effects that make her the perfect accompaniment to a busy day.

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You won’t ever long for consistency with this bud, as you can find Tropical Cookies on dispensary shelves with a solid 23% THC potency. Nugs tend to take on a rather dull coloration with greens and browns peeking through a layer of very tiny trichomes. As you’d expect given her genetic lineage, flavors of sour fruit and berries will cut through like a knife yet are balanced out by tastes of earth and herbs. Depending on your palate, you may find this strain to be mouthwatering while others note that she brings a perfect blend of citrus to your life.

In most cases, Tropical Cookies acts as the ideal strain to get you through the day with a set of effects that’s typically euphoric and energizing. Most like to take a few tokes of this special bud before embarking upon a large project or may choose to light up before finishing up chores around the house. In general, it’s said that Tropical Cookies can provide focus and joy without making you feel like you’re going to bounce off the walls. While this strain is fairly sativa-dominant, her indica side could eventually peek through, with some users noting that after a while they fall into a state of relaxation.

hose who love to use cannabis for medical reasons often gravitate toward sativa-dominant strains, and with her moderate THC potency and tasty flavors, Tropical Cookies is often named as one of the better buds to select. It’s been said that she can help to combat depression and anxiety and is also helpful in dealing with pain, inflammation, joint issues, and more. It’s recommended that you start off slow with this strain because even though it’s highly appealing to want to ease all of your aches at once, you don’t want to overdo it.

Although no one can really confirm who initially bred Tropical Cookies, it seems as if home growers will actually be able to cultivate this gal. It’s reported that these plants are ideal for smaller indoor spaces as they stay rather short and flower in only 8 to 9 weeks. Tropical Cookies is highly resistant to mold and if you’re going to plant her outside, she tends to prefer climates in the Northern Hemisphere.

Availability might be touch and go when it comes to what your local dispensary has in stock, so make sure to keep your eyes out for Tropical Cookies. Most smokers find that her blend of flavors and varied effects make her a perfect strain to fuel a productive weekday while others love to take her along during a weekend adventure.

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