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Underdog OG was bred by Loompa Farms, who sometimes spells it 90s-style because they’re too cool, as in, “Underdawg.” Either way, it was bred from Chemdawg (they’re sisters), crossed between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. So if you’re looking for all the strength and anxiety relief of a good Kush crossed with a pungent earthy taste, Underdog OG is an underdog on the market. It’ll last you for hours if you give it a chance.

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The plant itself is super dense. The nugs are light and minty green, shaped like crystal-coated grapes, all frosty and shiny. Even the hairs are super bright. It’s lightly Indica-dominant (60/40), with a THC that tops off around 25%. It’s neither too demanding nor too lax for most palettes.

As for smoking Underdog OG, well, best to do it in the evening. The high is long-lasting, sedating, and oh so pungent. If you’re hiding out in your parents’ house or you have one of those landlords who sniffs the air to see if you’ve been smoking, Underdog OG is not the strain for you. This one fills the room with a hazy, hours-long cloud of pungent earth, sweet herbs, and fuel, among other things. If you’re hiding your habit, Underdog will out you in a second.

For most users, it’s worth the risk. Underdog OG is an ideal bake and sleep strain (the opposite of wake and bake?) that gives you long-lasting relaxation in the evenings followed by heavy sedation. It’s mellow at first, with a little taste of euphoria. Don’t worry about amping up your anxiety — the 25% THC high will settle in, physically soothing you and making you snacky. Keep some healthy munchies around so you don’t go crazy.

You’ll feel creative, unfocused, relaxed, and lulled into a genuine sense of security. The smoke will pound the room with the aroma of herbal tea, hash, a little Kush, sweet earth, and diesel. Pretty much what you’d expect when you look at its lineage. Fans of Chemdawg will love its sibling too.

If you want to fill a room with a dank, pungent aroma and you don’t care who knows, you’re probably dealing with some chronic issues that Underdog OG can treat. These include chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and even muscle spasms. Those who have trouble falling or staying asleep can also use Underdog to treat insomnia. Its light sedating effect perfectly matches the needs of a relaxing evening smoke after a hard week running back and forth. Smoke it in the evening, in your own place, and don’t plan on doing any work later. If you do, Underdog OG is an underrated cure for … not being asleep.

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