Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier isn’t actually unknown – we know exactly what it is. Unknown Soldier is a 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid which gives off an aroma of Haze which produces a clean, yet deeply complex, taste that is a very pleasant mixture of abstract flavours with intense metallic incense notes with acidic traces of lemon.

Unknown Soldier uses some of the most sought after strains in American medicinal dispensaries owing to its therapeutic properties, which are very useful in treating conditions such as:

– Sleep disorders
– Eating disorders
– Analgesia

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Unknown Soldier produces fat, dense, pale green buds that are pleasingly uniform and with a very high PISTIL/LEAF ratio that makes smoking them a real pleasure.

Another of its highly desirable characteristics is the massive number of trichomes produced which cover its leaves, flowers and branches, creating a thick layer of RESIN that gives the plant a sparkly appearance.

This strain has a very important “spiritual dimension”, and if used with respect and common sense, has a great capacity to make you feel at one with yourself and the rest of the world

It’s very common for someone to walk into a room where Unknown Soldier is being smoked and say: hmmmmm… unknownnnnn… 😉

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