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White Wedding has a portentous name but it’s actually a cheery strain. It not only zaps you with a happy buzz and makes you hungry but brings the cake too, smothered in fresh pineapple and sour lemon. White Wedding cleverly reads between the lines of its parents’ names, coming up with a divorce from Wedding Cake and White Widow, a celebration of marriage and a mourner thinking about her loss. The combination that likely comes to you by way of Jungle Boys, one of the few farms currently growing White Wedding, isn’t a downer at all. It’s a whole new way to experience Wedding Cake genetics.

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These parent strains produce a lot of trichomes, a factor that breeders always want to pass down to new phenotypes as much as possible. As a result, you can expect milky resin coating White Wedding in its entirety when it’s properly grown, cushioning its fluffy, round, mint-green nugs. The buds air out the thick snowfall of crystals, giving off a floral, fruity aroma as you pull it apart. The plant’s terpenes include healthy servings of Limonene, Beta-Myrcene, and Beta-Caryophyllene.

When you taste White Wedding, you’ll be transported back to your best experiences with Wedding Cake, including the nutty, sweet flavor and smooth finish. However, you’ll also be introduced to new sensations, such as an overtone of sour earth and lemon, with a twist of fresh pineapple flavor. The result is floral, fruity, creamy, and more.

People who flock to White Wedding do so to experience relaxing, tingly euphoria. The high starts as a delicious flavor, a light tingle, and progresses to a long-term buzz that will help you relax for hours. We don’t recommend White Wedding for a get-up-and-go day. This is a strain to feel lifted, happy, and hit hard with a state of cake eating. As you exhale, you’ll feel lifted in your mind and mood, happy, locked to your couch, and extremely hungry. Be sure to keep snacks nearby to have after Cake (if you’re worried about your weight, make them healthy snacks!).

White Wedding soars to the high 20s in THC content, making it perfect for those suffering from muscle cramps or spasms who need some relief. Appetite loss and nausea are other problems that White Wedding can take care of in style. Chronic pain can relax as a result, as even insomniacs can find themselves drifting off peacefully after a “piece” of White Wedding. This strain is a spirit-booster. You may find yourself more relaxed than you ever were when you were married to another strain.

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